Get to know girl behind the camera of Callen Kates Photography

Hey, I'm Callen!

As you can probably figure out, my name is Callen. Nobody pronounces it correctly so please don’t feel bad. Here’s a hint. It sounds like the first part of ‘calendar.’ I was born and raised in Southeast Louisiana. I’m a southern girl who has always needed an outlet to be creative. From the time I was able to hold a crayon I was creating things.

Growing up my grandpa would document every family event with his 35mm Canon film camera. He was a storyteller. I guess you could say my passion for photography started there. My dad bought a digital SLR camera when I was in high school and I would find any excuse to use it to take pictures of my friends, nature, and the oddities around me. The rest is history. I haven’t put down a camera since!

A Visual Storyteller

I am a Southeastern Louisiana graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and I have been photographing families since 2006 and weddings since 2011. I describe myself as a visual storyteller. My style is classic, yet modern. I capture real moments in time and find a thrill in the joy it brings to my clients. I married the love of my life in 2016. We love to travel together and go on new adventures. I am also the kind of girl who binge watches Netflix with my two adorable Boston terriers, Meatball and Olive. I’m quirky, laid back, and I find joy and beauty in the simplest things.

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